Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Martha Challenge: Homemade Snow Globes

I was a smitten kitten when it came to Martha's homemade snow globe idea. I tackled this one for Christmas and was overall pleased with the results.

You can find the play by play instructions on her website here. I made a couple minor tweaks here and there when it came to making my globes, including skipping the glycerin.

First off was figuring out what scenes to create in the jars. Although my first step REALLY should have been finding the jars. I bought a couple little trinkets thinking they I would find jars to fit them and it didn't exactly work out that way. I also made less snow globes than originally intended so I have a few extra pieces lying around for next year.

I picked up a reindeer and two fawns from the safari display at Michaels. I used to work in a zoo gift shop so I am all too familiar with the vast array of the safari animals! Also at Michaels, I found a package of trees meant for holiday village displays. I picked up the snowmen (I think for $2 at Walgreens!) with the idea of doing a set of three globes, but this project may wait until next year!
Another toy shop garnered me the little santa figurine above. Unfortunately for all involved, Mr. Santa was actually made out of a clay substance and when I immersed him in his watery globe he started to flake apart. Calling it a wash, I opened the lid and he immediately disintegrated! Poor little guy. I guess Martha's tip on knowing the material of your pieces is that much more important to me now.

I used a large jar I had on hand to make a reindeer and tree display. He is quite heavy once I filled it with water, so I hope this one doesn't get dropped! I painted the white lid green and made quite the mistake by painting the inside lid as well. The gorilla glue I used stuck to the paint and not the lid, so when the acrylic paint flecked off when immersed in water the figurines went with them. Take two went much smoother! A healthy dose of glitter later and voila. . .
The next globe was a gift for my Aunt. I used the same "deer and tree" scene and a pickle jar this time around. No paint involved as the gold lid already screamed holiday decor. I noticed in both snow globes that I had a little bit of leaking in the first couple minutes but then I think it made itself water-tight. I chose not to glue the lids on just yet as I wasn't sure if I would need to re-do the water eventually. Sure enough, the water started to get a bit cloudy - I believe the trees I used flaked some green dye into the water. After a quick re-fill these have been back to normal water colors!
Have you tried to make the homemade snow globes yet? What fun scenes can you imagine putting together? What about some without water in them at all? A quick snapshot from Pinterest searching for "homemade snow globes" is inspiration alley indeed!

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