Friday, January 13, 2012

The Idea's Got Legs

You may recall a couple months ago I filled you in on our idea to turn 10 IKEA Lack tables into a wall panel/entertainment center.
Well, we are drilling holes into our brick wall as we speak and should have the finished product all up in the next couple weeks to show off!
In the meantime, I had to ask the question, what are we going to do with all of these legs? 10 tables x 4 equals 40 random pieces of wood I don't really have a use for. . .unless. . .I took some inspiration from end tables that consisted of bound together logs or individual pieces of wood, and started creating a 6 leg x 6 leg piece.
Ignore the twine around the "table" - for now I just tried to bind them together as best I could to drag it around easily. As it turns out, we are only planning on using 9 of the Lack tabletops for our wall piece, which leaves the extra tabletop as the perfect fit for this little makeshift table base. Picture it between two cozy chairs in front of the fireplace and I think you may be on to something!
However, the big question is how to get the 36 legs to stick together? Is the answer as simple as wood glue? Interior screws somehow? I suggested stapling and Bob quietly shook his head at me. The cool thing would be to bind them together from the outside, like with something that looks like a belt, but the sturdiness factor would probably take a hit. Here's an image taken from this blog. I suppose we could still keep the belt as merely decorative if screws were in place holding the table itself together. Lots to think about!
I am open to suggestions and will be on the lookout for ideas. Happily, the blogs I just stumbled on trying to find the inspiration pictures had some good ideas for screwing them together!

Next step is making the rug for under the table and finding our perfect fireside chairs!

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