Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pinterest Project - Corky Plant Markers

Pinterest is definitely not lacking when it comes to possible projects for all of the wine corks you have lying around the house! Message boards, bath mats and jewelry holders - oh my!

I wanted to use my bag o' corks for something this holiday season and nodded my head enthusiastically when this one found its way to my browser. My mom is an avid gardener, so I thought some herb garden markers for her indoor plants this winter could be a nice little gift. Here is the original project post.

The materials: my alphabet stamp set, corks, bamboo appetizer forks and a sharpie (since the stamp ink is water soluble and these may get wet after the plants are watered.)
I started with corks that did not have too much writing on them and did the stamping. Then I traced the letters with the sharpie. I could have tried this free hand but have bad handwriting. For some corks the bamboo forks went in smoothly, but for others I had to use a sharper toothpick to start the holes the forks would sit in to ensure a hold.
The bamboo forks added a little extra flair in their design, but longer skewers or other stakes found at the garden center would work just as well.

I did a test in one of my plants to ensure the ink does not run and the bamboo holds up, and we see to be in the clear.
I included a couple blank plant markers and a sharpie in the gift box when I gave these to my mom for Christmas. In case she has a few more exotic options I did not think of!

So there's one of the more simple cork projects out there. What cork projects strike your fancy? Do you agree with me that this bath"mat", while attractive, could really hurt the feet if you stub your toe on the wooden sides?? (original project post here)

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  1. Love the plant markers! I may steal that idea for next year.

    And I can totally imagine stepping out of the shower on to a corner of that "bath mat" and how much that would hurt!