Monday, January 23, 2012

Smoothie Sailing

Bob has impressively been rockin' a raw diet for the last week and a half, which will continue to the end of the month. Though I am not riding this wave with him (in fact, just yesterday I ate a giant slice of cheese pizza right in front of him), I did spend some time in the produce aisle myself to stock up on ingredients for smoothies. I decided to go on a bit of a smoothie kick this month and have been getting to know our blender quite well because of it.

I started with some good old fashioned google searching on different ingredients to amass a shopping list. Here are a few of those that have made the cut:

Carrot-Apple Smoothie
2 whole carrots
1 apple (peeled)
2 cups baby spinach or leafy green
1/2 cucumber
1/2 cup water
This was my first attempt so I don't know that I pulsed it for as long as I should have. It was pretty thick so I added some orange juice to lighten it up. You can definitely taste the carrot! This may have been the greenest thing I've ever drunk.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie
1 banana
1 cup strawberry yogurt
4 ice cubes
1/2 cup milk

Now this one holds a special place in my heart as it is from a Better Homes & Garden Junior Kids Cookbook that we grew up with. It gets pretty frothy and is not quite as filling as some of the others but still pretty tasty.

Mango-Banana Smoothie
1 banana
1/2 cup mango pieces (I just used a whole mango)
1/3 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup orange juice

This one was nice and thick, very nice. I think I forgot to take pictures even though I made this twice! Mango just makes everything a little better, doesn't it?

Pineapple-Parsley Smoothie
1 cup pineapple chunks
2 bananas
1 cup loosely packed parsley
2 heads baby bok choy, chopped
6 oz filtered water (you could also use coconut milk)
This was a delight - the bite of the parsley taste with the pineapple made this smoothie ultra-fresh. I recommend! Also, mark it down as a first foray into bok choy!
I did not remember to flag all of the webpages that I was using to build my shopping list, so as I look at the box of flax seed I bought I'm at a bit of a loss! Ahh well, I'm sure a good looking recipe will present itself soon. 

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