Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sounds Like a Deal

When Bob and I moved into our new place we conducted a search of all the random stuff that was left in the condo by the previous owner. One find was a set of surround sound speakers stored high above our heads.
After months of letting them sit in the guest bedroom (also know as, the room where all of our stuff with no place to go lives), we dusted them off and picked up some speaker wire from Ace. The speaker wire wasn't any particular brand or quality - we found 50 feet of economy speaker cable for about $8.
It was quite the sight to come home from work one day and see our media center dismantled and speaker wire all over the room. A pleasant sight though - I love when Bob gets as crazy with productivity as I usually do (see: 10 nights and 2 weekends spent working on my shag rug and only finding myself 1/3 of the way done).
Before we even got working on the speakers, we had to remember how to hook the receiver back up. You may recall a long ago post on the drama we faced in purchasing the right receiver. After a few utterances of "no sound,. . .okay now there's sound but no picture. . .now why is the screen purple?" our receiver was back on.
To get the speakers to work, Bob cut the end off of the exposed wire on the speaker and then split the new wire to expose the copper and silver (positive and negative). He simply twisted it around the speaker's wire and secured with electrical tape.
Then, he took the other ends of wire and connected them to the proper receiver outputs and set the receiver to 5 Channel Stereo. We do need to play with the audio levels and percentages a bit as our back speakers sometimes get a bit loud.
For aesthetic purposes, the stand up speakers right behinds our heads as we sit on the couch leaves something to be desired with me, so there may be a switcheroo in our future. . .One goal was to have a low console table behind our couch with a lamp and more bookshelves, so we could always hide the speakers a bit more. But that is for another day!
We only have 4 speakers, so may look at getting the fifth to optimize the audio further, but for now our free surround sound is feeling just fine.

Look closely at these photos and you can see our back panels going up slowly but surely. All we need to put up are the shelves and the decoration and this project is ready to post!

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