Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uncommonly Good

I knew I had to fit a post in today to take advantage of our added day this Leap Year - to somewhat make up for my poor showing in February - a measly few postings to this ole blog. While the output may be lacking, the in progress at the house is anything but. Over the next month I promise to share with you the trials and tribulations of making my own shag rug, Bob's amazing painting in all her glory and an entertainment center fit to print. 

So what to cover for you this February 29? Unless frozen pizzas count, my cooking endeavors the past couple months have been slim to none. Our wedding planning has had some great developments, but I'm not quite ready to share the latest (and ruin the "save the date" surprise for our invitees!). 
How about a trip down "gotta have it" lane? Have you ever visited the site Its a treasure trove for unique gifts, both kitschy and useful. It is usually one of the stops on the Christmas shopping go round, but I visited it again just recently after receiving a very fun gift from my sister (she who introduced me to the site). all images are from

I will be visiting London in April (wahoo!) and have no sense of direction. What better gift than
a map that you can crumple up and is never in danger of ripping? This was the perfect item to bring the excitement level up a notch. Especially since Kara and I booked our hotel in the last couple weeks. 
So what else can you find on this site? 
This plate is sloped to catch syrups and sauces so you make every bite count.
An OCD cutting board is going to make sure each one of your dices is accurate.
A search for cufflinks provides ample options, might Bob be sporting these come our wedding day? 
If you take a few minutes to peruse the site, what do you find interesting? I think it has a good mix of budget friendly options with a few luxe items thrown in for good measure. What other gift sites are you using for housewarming and happy holiday shopping? 

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  1. It's a leap year again this year. An extra day is so useful.