Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Nature of It All

Whenever I watch a season of a television show via Netflix I find myself morphing my personality and immediate desires to whatever show I am watching. When it is Gilmore Girls, I want to spend more time with friends in coffee shops. When it is Mad Men, my career drive kicks into high gear and I want to move up the ladder at my company. When it is Lost, I want to take a tropical vacation (okay, that one's a joke). 

So when I started watching Season 4 of Northern Exposure this week, my contemplative side emerged once again. I started thinking about the characters on the show and how often they get back to nature and focus on the simple things in life. They are constantly camping alone in the woods on that show. I thought that was a good goal for the summer - if I can't make a trip up to Alaska, maybe instead I will just try to get outside more often. 
I am most definitely an indoor kid, more comfortable sitting on my couch watching Bend it Like Beckham than out on the soccer field myself. Definitely more comfortable watching Titanic than jumping in a pool. But I will fight that urge and, assuming we have as nice a summer as the last couple weeks in Chicago have been, get outside more!

What will this entail?
- Regular walks around the neighborhood with a friend and the cutest baby this side of my nieces.
- Training for and running another 5K (it is one of my goals, after all)
- Camping 
- Explore at least 2 new Chicago neighborhoods (new to me, not new to Chicago!)
- Dinners at restaurants with outdoor patios
- Beer Gardens (okay, twist my arm)

Now, the only requirement will be that I wear big floppy hats and lather up the sunscreen come August - I do not want to walk down the aisle rockin' a tank top border sunburn!

Does the idea of getting into a TV show a bit too much ring true to you? If so, what do you find yourself doing? Signing up for surf lessons or maybe breaking out the computer to write the next Great American Novel? 


  1. Alright! Let's break out the tent this summer... and don't forget that fan!

  2. This feels like an incredibly appropriate ecard:


  3. That's why advertising within those shows works.