Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prove It - Part 3

Let me introduce you to the latest lady in our life. . .
Bob has been hard at work the last couple of weeks finishing up his painting: the black streaks in her hair, the "prove it!" word bubble, her eyes and lips. And I have to say, this is one impressive work of art!

It all started last summer when Bob was leafing through an X-Men comic I inexplicably own and found an image he thought he could paint. I skimmed through it myself and when we landed on this cell we knew we found a winner. 
The dimensions were perfect for above the fireplace at our new condo and the color scheme matched the look we were going for. And, of course, the dottiness of the comic book cell would bring a little bit of pop art into our lives. Hey, when you can't afford a Lichtenstein original, you create something yourself! Or, you find something you can copy completely to hang in your house. To that point, allow me to cite the original artists. The cell was taken from The Uncanny X-Men #213: Psylocke. Chris Claremont, writer; Alan Davis, guest penciler; Paul Neary, guest inker; Tom Orzechowski, letterer; Glynis Oliver, colorist; Ann Nocenti, editor and Jim Shooter, editor in chief.

Read all about the painting's creation here and follow the saga of how to make dots here. I should mention  that Bob took some time to dampen the dots bright white color into a more muted look as they got a little overpowering. He used a chamois type cloth with a dab of water to get the right effect.
It's been a long journey since we bought this 5 foot tall canvas at Blick last summer, but its been fun. Well, fun for me watching Bob work and asking him every other day, "are you going to work on your painting today? Are you going to work on your painting today?"
Congratulations Bob! Now we just need to hang 'er up and call it a day. I'll leave you with a shot of how our library is coming along. . .the DIY shag rug is in place, three IKEA Billy Bookshelves stacked full and a perfect space for a pair of armchairs.


  1. It looks AWESOME! Great job, Bob! I love the library area so much.

  2. I like X-Men art particularly that from Classic X-Men. Cool ;-)