Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feeling a Bit Shelf-ish

The closet in the second bedroom does the trick if we were using it as a bedroom - one shelf up top and plenty of room for hanging clothes. But since we are not using the room as a bedroom, we wanted to maximize the space for storage.
We found a simple white shelf at our neighborhood Ace Hardware and picked up a few brackets, all for under $20. We made an effort to not buy a shelf the full length of the closet on purpose. Bob's skis and ski boots found their way to Chicago and this is our best space for storing them. By picking up a slightly shorter shelf, the skis could nestle in to the corner just perfectly.
We picked the height of the shelf mostly for things to be easy to grab - the shelf will hold some of my extra craft stuff and my bin of yarn. We also looked at a height where we could still fit our framed pictures that have yet to find a home in our place.
With the shelf up and Lydia Organization Mode in full swing, we ended up with this. With the extra pictures out of the way, the space should open up even more:
Our little closet addition also managed to turn our computer desk area from this:
to this. We are getting closer and closer to actually being able to use the desk. Wahoo!

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