Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ham 'n Swiss

This is a simple one ideed - but oh so tasty. We were a little stuck for lunch the other day so we pulled out some leftover ham and a hunk of swiss cheese and made some great sandwiches. We sprayed a heated up pan with oil and lined it with pieces of ham. After tossing them a bit to heat through, swiss cheese slices were layered on top. Covering the pan for a couple minutes, as we would for a great grilled cheese, ensured that the swiss got nice and gooey.

We have a bakery right around the corner from us, which we probably don't take advantage of enough. After purchasing a couple fresh sandwich buns for a mere 30 cents each, I think we might start making more use of our neighbor for freshly baked goodness.

Add some champagne mustard and baby, you got a sandwich goin' on.*
*Carl Weathers on Arrested Development. I'll never look at stew the same way again.

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