Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lack Table Hack Part 2

Back in November I wrote Part 1 of our Lack Table Hack. Between then and now a few other projects have taken precedence, but we are finally ready to unveil our creation. The plan was to use 10 Lack tabletops and 2 Lack shelves from IKEA to create an entertainment center type shelving unit. After some deliberations and a few Google SketchUp renderings, here was the blueprint.
As we did the measurements, we did run into one snag. The location of the outlet box against the wall was going to make it impossible for us to do 2 across for the bottom row. If we started the hangings to the left of the outlet, our whole unit would be a bit too far into the "dining room" area of our space. Now, we considered flipping the whole thing and having the open shelves on the other side of the television, but it seemed like the shelves would look too un-anchored out in the middle of the room. Our plan is to get a medium-sized green plant for the right side of the television unit that will cover up the brick and help connect this one-off square to the rest of the display.
Bob got to work with the drill and successfully attached the bottom square using masonry anchors and a basic wall bracket.
Rather than do each one individually, we attached 2 squares together to make our job of lining them all up exactly a little easier. We first just screwed them together using flat mending plates, but realized they were a little too flimsy and loosened up when used with the Ikea composite wood. Borrowing my brother in law's heavy duty staple gun, we secured them together with little room for bending.

This was no doubt a lot of careful measurement and work for Bob to get these up on the wall and lined up with each other perfectly. The location of the bricks dictated where the wall brackets would be mounted; drilling and anchoring into brick provides a more reliable and sturdy hold than the mortar.  
The next step was attaching our Lack shelves. We picked up two 43" shelves for $15 each. We continued the black brown theme. Originally, I would have liked for the top shelf to go all the way across but ran into 2 issues: a) the length of the Lack shelves would not match up with the length of 4 tabletops so we would have needed to add 2 seperate shelves and b) the height of the television is almost even with the top shelf, which could look a little awkward. I would have rather the tv look like it was nestled in perfectly under a shelf as opposed to being as high the shelf itself.
We quickly found a home for the alabaster jars we picked up in Egypt last year and a lovely little decorative box found at a favorite local shop, Equinox.
The "date" from our Save the Dates has a temporary home on the top shelf but I think it might eventually move to the very top against the brick. The shelf arrangements are certainly a work in progress - we would like to add a little turquoise/teal to the mix to echo our rug and planter, and I previously mentioned the plan for some nicely sized greenery to cover up the brick at the bottom.  Although the angle of the television in this photo looks like it is further to the left, the media unit is perfectly even with the start of the backdrop.
Cost Analysis:
10 Lack Tabletops - $100 (we ended up using 9, but have an end table plan for the tenth)
2 43" Lack Shelves - $30
Hardware - @$30 (wall brackets, mending plates and a couple specific drill bits that will help out in future projects)

You can see from this wide angle just how much wall we had to work with which led to an effort in making our media area a little more substantial. What do you think? Mission Accomplished?

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  1. Leave the date where it is. It POPS against the black. It looks great, all of it!