Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Life for a DVD Shelf

I promised a post as a follow up to the DIY Project Table detailing the shelf in the photos behind it.

This Target shelf has served me well as a DVD holder for the last seven years or so. I am even finding myself eating my words from an early blog post where I said I would prefer to always display my DVD collection as opposed to shutting them up in a cabinet. Well, they are now shut up in a cabinet and I do not feel like I am missing out on anything!
Rather than toss the shelf, I figured we'd breathe new life into it with a coat of white spray paint. To help lessen the media shelf look, I wanted to see if we could break out one of the sections to create a cork board area.
This proved a bit tougher in actuality - I do not think this shelf was meant to be taken back apart! After not being able to unscrew the piece, we went about it the old fashioned way - took a hammer to it and busted it out. Overall this worked out all right, until we got to the bottom piece. It took a chunk out of our shelf.
Luckily, my brother in law had a pail of drywall compound that we could slap into the holes. While I focused on the project tabletop that weekend, we let the compound dry and headed back the next weeked to finish the shelf. The compound cracked after it dried which wasn't great to see, but if I am no perfectionist - once we spray painted over it the difference wasn't too bad at all, and I might end up covering this shelf up with something anyway.
A little glossy white. . .
And a little more. . .
And a little more. We ended up using four full cans of spray paint on this bad boy. The reason the one section looks unfinished is because that was where the cork board would get glued in. I found the 4-pack of cork tiles at Walmart on sale for about $6.

I knew I didn't need all of the little adjustable shelves it came with. I saved 10 and spray painted them white as well, making sure to get the edges!
Back at home, the shelf went up and the adjustable shelves got put in. The cork board actually fit in quite perfectly - I thought I would need to trim the edges because it was a few centimeters too wide, but luckily it tucked under the next side pretty well - thanks for the cheap-o backing, Target! We just made sure to heavily spray paint the bottom few inches so that it didn't look unfinished.
After adding a few of my inspiration binder pages to the cork board, some Easter and travel themed stamps, a little bit of artwork and a caddy to allow my glue and scissors to be super handy, this shelf is the perfect complement to the project table.

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