Monday, May 14, 2012

Fairy Well

Having a three year old neice is indeed a treat - she's a whiz at puzzles, loves reading and adores her baby sister. And it isn't just a stereotype - kids really do say the darndest things. Such as wrapping a napkin around my arm and telling me it is a band aid to cover my owies (I think she's still figuring out what freckles are!).  Ella's birthday party took place this past weekend and my sister organized a woodland fairy theme that took over the living room and left one little girl a bit speechless when she walked in! My weekly trip to Michael's came in handy and I offered to pick up a few things to help decorate the morning of the party while Ella was out of the house.

The theme was in part inspired by this adorable dress that Ella insisted she put on over her clothes as soon as she walked in the door. She was also wearing it the next day, so I think it is a new favorite!
Fake flowery vines and bunches of flowers were strewn about. We also picked up a couple mini wooden bird houses (or "fairy houses") for only $1 each. Clip on butterflies in pink and purple (the birthday girl's favorite color) accented the decor.
When in doubt for vases, I sift through the stemless wine glass shelf - a trick I have used at birthday parties past! Simple green ribbon and tissue paper helped fill the vases - no water needed for these guys!
Michael's had a selection of foam wands so I grabbed three and a stack of butterfly, dragonfly and star stickers. While Ella waited for the adults to finish lunch so she could get to the gift opening, we worked on decorating our wands. Ella made sure to grab the purple one and went to town on the stickers! If the party had more kids attending, I thought this would be a fun activity - or if the kids are a little older, find wooden wands that they can paint. Painting "fairy houses" was also an idea seen on Pinterest.
My sister found a mat of moss to cover the top of Ella's play area shelves and added a topiary and colorful bowls to set the scene for a dessert table.
Thanks in no small part to Pinterest, the table had a little added whimsy with these toadstool cupcakes (red frosting and upside down white chocolate chips).
Ella's cake from Deerfield Bakery featured Tink wishing her a happy birthday!
World Market had a great selection of butterfly pillows, plates and platters that would be excellent decor for not only this party but other spring and summer bashes to come.
Clusters of green helium filled balloons were added to corners of the room and one special Tinkerbell Mylar balloon was tied to the birthday girl's chair. However, I think the hit of the party was the dress itself - Ella loved to twirl around in the dress and by the end of the party she was covered in stickers - that's one happy kid!
All in all a very special day for a lucky 3 year old! What theme birthday parties are your kids asking for? Pirates, Princesses or Paleontology? Reading Young House Love today I have to give credit to the 2 year old who wanted a "worm" themed party! Now that's specific!

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  1. So sweet! I especially love the wands and toad stool cupcakes. I also loved the worm party. I wonder what Nels will want this year...only six more months to plan!