Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Banner Idea

When my sister had some errands in the city to take care of this past Saturday, I asked if my 3 year old niece, Ella, could be dropped off for a few hours for some quality bonding time with Aunt Lydia! We see her and her baby sister quite a bit, but we thought the one on one time at our house as opposed to Ella's home turf would help prepare her for more days like this and the eventual sleepover at Aunt Lyd's and Uncle Bob's house. Since she already does day care, waving goodbye to her mom for a few hours was not at all an issue.

Like any 3 year old, the attention span is a delicate thing. I wanted to come up with a couple projects to keep us busy. With the Fourth of July approaching, I thought Ella could make some decorations for the holiday to display. I sifted through my pile of stickers, brought out the crayons and prepared triangle cut cardstock in red, white and blue. Using alphabet stickers left over from my Every Holiday Blocks project, I spelled out "Happy 4th of July." 
Ella then got to work coloring and sticker-fying the individual flags. Bob and I even got to do a couple!
I taped the flags to white ribbon and stretched the banner across the fireplace to test out how it would display. 
In the meantime, Ella made a couple cards - one for her mom to take on an upcoming work trip and one for herself that we have been instructed to put in the mail for her. (When we were asked to address the envelope, she said, "will you undress the envelope?").
With multiple crafty projects under our belt before 9am, I would consider it a successful Saturday morning! Afterwards we headed out to the nearby playground for some outdoor activity. I think I need to get in better shape - keeping up with Ella is hard work! And not just physically - she's in her "why" stage. As in, "Why do you have that picture on the wall?" "Because Bob drew it." "Why?" Because we had a blank space for a picture." "But why?" And so on....

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