Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicago is My Kind of Town

The last couple weekends have been an exercise in taking advantage of the city we live in. It started with a trip to the Lichtenstein exhibit at The Art Institute. Bob and I both love his art, and we figured we'd take a trip downtown to see the inspiration for our own apartment pop art (homemade by Bob).

It was interesting to see much more style than just the most famous works. We ended up buying a print of Alka-seltzer and are considering a place for it in our yet-to-be-created bar area.
After the art musuem, we took a walk through Millenium Park to reminisce about the proposal that took place there a little less than a year ago. No huge surprises for either of us occured that day, but we did spy signage for the concert in the park series. A plan was set. We would arrive in the late afternoon the following Saturday with a picnic and all the necessities, camp out and wait for "An American in Paris" to fill our ears.

I was able to use our brand new picnic basket, which a friend got us for my bridal shower. It is quite orange, you can't miss it! We packed it and our cooler full of gatorades, pear ciders, wine, crackers, cheese and sandwiches. The park was pretty sparse when we arrived at 3:45pm. But by 5:45pm the lawn was packed, not an inch of space by 7!

The concert was a blast, we connected with some friends and enjoyed the show from the lawn!
The next day Bob decided to help me cross one of my goals off my list - walk the SkyDeck Ledge at Sears - I mean Willis - Tower. We waited in about eight different lines alltogether, but once we got up there it was quite the sight to see.

The ledge gives you a chance to walk on air - jutting out a few feet from the skydeck, these glass boxes are a little bit scary, but also pretty darn cool.
How have you taken advantage of your home town offerings lately?

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