Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wii Have Success!

We moved into our new pad last October which makes it 8 months.

8 months to figure out how to connect our Wii to our wireless network. Granted, we were not spending a great deal of man hours on this project but it is a bit comical when I now see how easy it actually was to connect.

The main reason for the connection is to take advantage of our Netflix Streaming account. Last summer when we were sans cable or DirecTV for three months we lived off of our Netflix connected to the television. Let's just say we exhausted the Law & Order SVU choices!
 We had tried a few times to connect the Wii to no avail. We kept experiencing a "code 52030 error" that didn't seem to give any info with a google search. The router was set to the same setting as the connection on the Wii, the password key was entered correctly, the case senstive network SSID was spot on. Not sure what we were doing wrong!

We even purchased an ethernet cord for $4 off of to directly plug in only to then realize the Wii doesn't have an ethernet connection. Wah wah.

What never occured to me to search on for some reason was our specific internet provider. 

June 17, 2012
6:18pm: "uverse wii wireless" into Google.
6:18:30pm: Wii and Uverse - AT&T Community Support pops up as first search result.
6:19pm: Exact issue we are having is mentioned on the forum with a solution right below.
6:22pm: Connected. That was easy.

I at least feel good knowing that the solution is not very inate and I wasn't missing the obvious. Here's what needed to happen:

I checked the setting on the router by typing in the http:// address listed on the router. After confirming that it was set to "WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AES)" I moved on to the Wii. Under the Wii settings I switched it to "WPA-PSK (TKIP)." Followed that up with the network key and voila, successful connection!
By 6:30pm I had found my favorite episode of The IT Crowd (The Work Outing) and clicked it on as a sort of celebration.
 It's the little things, you know.

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