Sunday, September 23, 2012

I've Got a Favor

Wedding Favors. You have seen them all: bubbles, Hershey Kisses, donations to charity. When it came to our favors, a Pinterest tag (per usual) gave me the answer. Check out the middle bottom photo.
Luggage Tags fit our mini travel theme - spelled out in this post and already seen in the table numbers and card box. By using the blank side of the luggage tag we could double the use of these favors by also make them our escort cards, as I have seen done successfully with coasters at a couple weddings.

Although luggage tags are easily found on favor websites, they usually scream "this is from a wedding!" with the clip art used or the engraving option being "Lydia & Bob: August 25, 2012" No one needs our names on their luggage.

I started searching for travel quotes and quickly came upon this one, attributed to Mark Twain:

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the things that you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Loved it. Before creating an image of the quote, we needed to know how much space we would have to work with so I used my on-the-job promo products knowledge from ordering speaker gifts on a regular basis to find the best online deal.

I liked this tag, especially that it was a hard plastic and made of 100% corn. But the imprint size to fit the logo was a little too small.

Enter This luggage tag only had a minimum order of 100 (some sites advertised 250), we could order them in blue and they would fall at less than $1 each. Add in a $40 setup fee and shipping and we got 125 favors for $158.
The imprint size for the quote is 2 1/4 inches x 1 3/4 inches. I inputted that info into a trial version of Adobe Illustrator and started playing around with the quote in our wedding font (Peignot Demi). I quickly realized the entire quote was way too long to be readable, so I chopped it in half.
After submitting the job to AnyPromo, I received an online proof in just a couple days and the entire order was shipped to me in just over a week. It was a happy surprise that the white color for the text looks almost silvery gray against the blue - our wedding colors.
The type of luggage tag we went with can not really stand up on its own, so something like the following would not work for our purposes. I didn't think we would have a big enough table to lay them all flat so we would have to go vertical.
I bought 4 sheets of 20x30 inch foamcore at Michaels and made two 40x60 inch display boards by taping 2 together. I considered ways to make sure they stayed upright and didn't fold down on themselves - at one point taping these appetizer skewers to the back as a brace. In the end, I bought 4 more foamcore pieces to double the depth of the boards and that seemed to work just fine.
Using the rest of my thrift store atlas (torn to shreds already for our table numbers and card box), I modpodged map paper to cover the boards.
Clear pushpins were glued across the two boards as even as I could get them. I glued them on so that people wouldn't pull the pins out if they grabbed their tag with a bit too much gusto. Could get dangerous with push pins about the dancefloor.
Illustrator was used again to make the escort cards. We reused the stripes from our invitations to add a bit of design. The outlines helped us cut straight and then we stuffed them in their tags.
The extra tags were housed in a mini-suitcase that previously held a puzzle, in case anyone wanted to take an extra. I made a sign out of canvas and stickers that titled the display boards, "Where in the World am I Sitting?" To help the catering team out, I arranged everything the way I wanted it on the escort card/guestbook/card box table at home and included a photo along with set up instructions. As you can see, this table was jam packed.
And here's a shot with the hanging tags, in alphabetical order at the Loft:
The tags have already gotten some use as they accompanied our bags on the honeymoon. They seemed to hold up well and I hope they will for our guests for many trips to come!

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