Sunday, September 9, 2012

Theme Party

When we first began the wedding planning, we knew that things could get out of hand quickly if we didn't come up with some consistency in the themes we moved forward with. Every DIY project on Pinterest was piquing my interest, so by nailing down our designs, colors and "vibe" early on, I could narrow things down a bit and not try to take on the world. Here is how our major themes for the wedding came about. I should note that I'll have more detailed posts on a lot of what I'm teasing in this one, so if my write-ups on the luggage tag favors, the bridesmaid dresses, the invitations and more seem incomplete you will just have to come back over to the blog!

The word "Pinterest" is going to be thrown around a lot in these wedding posts, so let me link you to my wedding board. Pinterest was instrumental in helping me find the right ideas for the wedding and saved me a ton of money in bridal magazines (didn't purchase a single one). When a color scheme of navy, mustard yellow and gray popped up, I was a little bit in love. Preppy, classic and the perfect amount of pop for our summer wedding. I immediately started picturing Bob in a gray suit, bridesmaids in navy dresses and bright yellow flowers in my hands.
In the end, Bob wore a navy blue suit and the girls rocked some amazing metallic gray dresses. However, those flowers stayed just as bright thanks to bouquets of billy balls, one of the most fun flowers out there. (More details to come on the dresses and flowers in future posts.)

We knew we wanted to design our own invitations for the wedding, but coming up with a design idea was a tough nut to crack. We narrowed it down by what we didn't like: florals, cursive & calligraphy, wordiness.

One day, while laying in bed, I found myself staring at my nightstand lamp. Something about those overlapping stripes caught my imagination for its simplicity and the rest is history.
Bob got to work in Adobe Illustrator creating some navy, mustard and gray striping, which we added to the bottom of our simple half-sheet invitation. The stripes were turned on their side for the response card and an information card containing hotel contact and our website. These stripes were repeated for our programs, escort cards and cake design.
Travel has been an important part of mine and Bob's life so far, but we did not want an overt theme with globes everywhere and tables named after destinations. Instead, we focused on using map paper to create a travel vibe. The idea of providing luggage tags as favors was culled from Pinterest, and these doubled as our escort cards for the guests.
I have already written about our table numbers here, as a recap I cut out the numbers from places we have lived or been (or were going to be - like our honeymoon in  Belize). I did the same for our card box, made from a vintage suitcase, borrowed from a friend's wedding decor.
The luggage tags hung from poster boards mod podged over with the remaining atlas pages. I think I picked that book clean) and our extra tags that people were welcome to grab from were housed in a mini suitcase that was the packaging for a puzzle!
By keeping these main themes in mind throughout the planning process, Bob and I were able to focus ourselves. We knew what to aim for when meeting with the florist to talk bouquet ideas and we knew what the design of our programs would look like. With the number of decisions we have to make in a wedding, we were glad for anything that made the process easier!

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