Thursday, October 18, 2012

On the Menu

I'm back with another wedding post! As I anxiously await the impending arrival of our professional photography album, I'll bide my time sharing a few more details from the big day.

This time around, two paper products that made their way to our table settings.

First up, our menu cards. I was quickly inspired by this photo that was making the rounds on Pinterest about a year ago (has Pinterest really already been around for this long???).
The free trial version of Adobe Illustrator came in handy again for making the menu text. I used the same font and format as I did for our luggage tags to make a justified rectangle of words. Quite some time ago, I picked up a stamp from Michaels' dollar bin featuring a set of silverware. I thought it would be perfect for the card, but once I added it to the page with all the descriptions of our meal options the silverware itself was pretty much completely hidden. I didn't mind this look myself, but my groom thought we could make it a bit sleeker so it was back to the Illustrator board.
We decided to forgo the lengthy descriptions of the meals (taken from our contract), especially since the names themselves featured a lot of the same words as the descriptions. To save some room on the top of the menu card, we looked at putting the stamp behind the text, but I wasn't sure how to do this.
1) stamping after printing would make it pretty messy looking
2) stamping before printing would not work with our printer - smears galore.
3) what if we took out the stamping altogether?

Using our scanner I saved an image of the stamp and decreased the color to a lighter gray. I threw the image behind the text and *Ta-Da* a solution was found!
Our napkins were going to be navy blue so I found the perfect shade of gray cardstock at Staples and printed 3 to a page. I didn't pay too much attention to how exact the sizes I cut with the paper cutter were, but all in all they stayed in the same range.With a couple folds, the napkin ring was formed.
At first I thought we would need to glue the backs together to stay in place, but I ended up not asking the caterers to go that far since the heavy silverware and napkin kept everything in place until they were ready to be used. Are you getting hungry just reading about the deliciousness? I have had so many comments from our guests on the quality of the meals they enjoyed that night. Kudos to Cork Catering!
The other paper creation was a simple cab card I made to help our guests feel good about getting home. Our venue was in an area that was not heavily populated at night and Saturday night in Chicago is not always known for easy-to-find cabs.  I added our stripe theme to the side, contact info for a few local cab companies and the address of our venue for reference and printed on beige cardstock that we had a few extra sheets of in the drawer.
We cut them out and asked the caterer to put one at each place setting. 
If a few folks used these to get home safely then consider me a happy camper! Now, cut to 11:45pm when all who remained were the bride, groom and 15 cabs in sight....hold music on the phone....and a 10 passenger limo. Why yes, you can fit 17 people in a 10 passenger limo if you try hard enough!

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