Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pinterest Project: What a Hoot

It seems as though every time I am feeling like I should be tackling another Pinterest Project, Young House Love comes out with another Pinterest Challenge. How perfect is that timing to get oneself motivated?

I joined Sherry and her friends at Bower Power, Our Fifth House and Ugly Duckling House this weekend by perusing the pins and choosing a new project. With the big day over, it is a nice feeling to be able to focus on non-wedding projects. However, I also find myself with a room full of centerpiece elements that need to find a home.

On that note, I also spent the weekend burning off the rest of the votive candles in my 84 holders so I can clean them out and hopefully re-sell them. Our living room looked like the scene from every rom-com where the heroine walks into a room full of candles for The Most Romantic Proposal Ever. I don't react well to those scenes due to my fear of  lit candles setting the house on fire. I also can't help but wonder how much money they spent and how much time it took them to light them all. If I can take this digression one step further, one of my favorite lines from a Law & Order: SVU is when Olivia walks into a candlit apartment and says, "This guy is single handedly keeping Pier 1 in business." So random, yet so true.
Okay, back to the project at hand. Lately I have been pinning ideas for styrofoam balls because I have quite a few leftover Smoothfoam balls from my yarn ball centerpieces.
This was how I found these adorable little friends: had the step by step tutorials which made re-creation easy peasy. I picked up several pieces of felt squares from Michaels along with a variety pack of googly eyes. According to directions, I flattened my smoothfoam balls on the bottom so they didn't roll away on me and then spent the bulk of my time cutting. The templates were for 4" balls, slightly larger than the ones I had on hand, so I had to eyeball the size as opposed to going straight from the templates. That also led to some variations in design...
I tweaked the design just a bit, mainly in how the face and head cover was applied, but all in all a couple adorable little owls.
Next, I grabbed one of the large yellow yarn balls to see how I might be able to use this idea to re-purpose them. A few less pieces of felt in the front to show off the yarn, and just like that a third owl was added to the mix! Bob likes him the best.
I didn't actually tackle template #2 yet, but have spent some time brainstorming other animals so I can also use the blue and gray balls I already have. The owls are a nice addition to the fall decor in the house, I'm thinking about penguins for the holidays, chicks and bunnies for Easter....

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