Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank Ya Very Much

There are several ideas that stick in my head for years until I have the opportunity to use them:

1) My perfect cat names.....a few years later, meet Sonny and Fredo
2) Literally Saving the Date
So when it came to our wedding thank you cards, I looked at Bob with a "pretty please" smile and hoped he'd go along with this one.

Here's the deal: show our friends and family how thankful we are for their generous gifts by showing us using them. A few weeks after the wedding, my brother in law lent us his camera and photography skills while Bob and I donned our bride and groom attire and put all of our lovely gifts into action. cream maker attachment! We also made the waffle cones, but that machine was a gift to ourselves a few months back.
We spent a lot of time in that corner of the kitchen with all of our new gadgets, even the stovetop got in on the action. Not so fun fact - I am stirring nothing!
We love our new towels. Notice my "tan" from our Belize Honeymoon. The most color I'm ever going to get.
New DVD Player? Consider us glued to the couch.
We even headed outside to feature our new picnic set and cooler. Why yes, we did get strange looks in the elevator!
Our cupboards were stocked with great white dishes, flatware and entertainingware, so we consolidated a few photos by creating a sit down breakfast!
For those who gave us gift cards or cash, we shared a photo of us digging into boxes from our registry store, Crate & Barrel!
I picked up a big pack of blank cards from Michaels and attached photos to the front with glue stick and photo corners. Since I put the photos on last, it was important to remember which ones were vertical and which were horizontal. Let's just say we messed up a few times until we listed them all in a spreadsheet tracker.
It was a nice feeling to wear the wedding dress again - I still haven't taken it in to get drycleaned, one of these days! In the meantime, maybe I'll throw it on another day just for fun? I can't help but think it would have been nice to have my amazing hair and makeup team from Pin Me Up Chicago with me for the thank you cards - I didn't quite accomplish an exact replica of what they did for me on August 25!
(photo by GReyes Photography)
We tried to be as timely as we could be in getting our thank you cards out, we wanted to make sure everyone knew how humbled we were with their generosity and good wishes. We had a goal of one month post wedding, but it ended up being closer to 2. Bob was in charge of writing most of them and I must say he does a lovely job of taking his time personalizing each one and his handwriting is loads better than mine!


  1. I've had this post pinned for a while! We are going to take similar pictures today for our thank-you notes too. Just wondering if you had any ideas for cash/check gifts?

  2. Have fun! We did us with crate and barrel boxes for our cash gifts, you could also do a photo with a piggy bank, like putting money in it or shaking it. Good luck!