Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Littlest Pinterest Projects

The Halloween and fall decor have been sent back to its bin and put back on its shelf. Exchanging 1 bin for 5 in the garage storage space, the Christmas decor is slowly being put into place! No tree yet at the Kamicar household - this seems like a good project for next weekend - but I did take advantage of a couple recent pins on Pinterest to spruce up the holiday decor without spending any money.

First up, the idea of a toy car with a tree on its roof was too cute to pass up. (sources for pins listed in image).
I dug out a Mini Cooper from my box o' random stuff and, using string, attached a little tree to its roof. Luckily, the windows are open on this little car so I was easily able to rope the tree to the car.
The second project took exactly two minutes to put together. I loved the look of these holiday scenes in apothecary jars and considered them much less messy than the snow globes I tackled last year with varying degrees of success.
A few scoops of epsom salt made for fake snow, and a little fawn was placed amongst different sized trees. These figurines were left over from the snow globe project and they were happy to find a home.

The decorations are definitely still a work in progress - stay tuned for a full write up to see where these little projects end up in the house. Here's a sneak peek into how some of those wedding centerpiece lanterns are being put to use.

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