Monday, December 10, 2012

Pinterest Project: Mirror, Mirror

The Little Pinterest Projects continue for the holidays!

When I saw this instruction, I finally found a use for the pack of mini mirrors I bought at Michaels awhile back. If I remember correctly, I had some mixed media mod podge dreams but couldn't quite find a fit for the little mirrors.
Lining a string of four or five with hot glued-on fishing line, and adding a hook to the top, I had four extra ornaments to hang strategically on the tree to maximize the twinkle lights.
Hard to capture a good photo of this, but it really does make a difference and doubles the shine!
Here's a full shot of our tree. We are on the hunt for a new topper this year. My tall Target-bought ornamental top never seems to fit correctly, always swaying dangerously to one side. Any ideas are welcome - I don't see us being Angel people, so maybe a classy star will find us this season.

Another tip that has been shared in a previous holiday post is to hang the lights vertically. This makes their placement a bit more random, and also allows you to save on strands that would otherwise be hidden against the back of the wall.
For the last few years, our Christmas tree has not come from a tree farm up north, but rather a lot in downtown Chicago. We sauntered into the same lot we bought our pumpkins from this past fall and came out a mere 10 minutes later with a pretty sweet 10-footer. Not exactly the same as trolling the farm and breaking out the chainsaw, but definitely a time saver.
Who else is enjoying the smell of fresh pine in their house?

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