Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pinterest Project: Three Trees

This pin was just the pinspiration I needed to do something with a threesome of chunky black candlesticks that got shoved in the closet awhile back while adding to the holiday decor.
Instead of buying a cone shape from Michaels, I picked up a few sheets of poster board and created my own.
I considered buying fabric to cover the cones, but then remembered my "eventually going to happen" plan of making pillows out of sweater fabric.

A few bucks at the thrift store later and I was back home with a fuzzy green sweater and two white knits. Armed with some happy scissors and a hot glue gun, the fabric was shaped around the cones and glued in place.
I didn't permanently attach the cones to the candlesticks so that they can easily be switched out. I am thinking I should have made the cones a little larger, to cover more of the candlesticks, as opposed to looking like triangles on top of posts.
When I was at the thrift store I also found a set of "Be My Valentine" kids' pajamas that I might try out for the next holiday. As you know from my Every Holiday Blocks, I love a multifunctional holiday display!

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