Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Chairs Have the Floor

Some exciting times at the house. Our dining room table and 2 armchairs arrived within a day of each other! We ordered both waaaay back in September and have been patiently waiting as our Appsgiving Party and hosted Thanksgiving passed us by.

First up, the table. Oh, the table. We first spied "Big Irony" during a modern design store inspiration day (written about here) at a store called Orange Skin. Although the idea of us being able to afford anything in these stores, or at least justify the purchase of an investment piece at this time in our lives, was a stretch we were pleasantly surprised to learn of the reasonable price tag attached to the phosphatized sheet metal table that caught our eye.

We hemmed and hawed over the last 12 months. Yes, 12 months of talking about "our table" and brainstorming chair choices and how big a table would be too big. We finally made the decision after our wedding to treat ourselves and put in the order for the 74". This table can fit 6 comfortably with another 2 on the ends. If we really squeeze I could probably get 10 for a dinner party. It is in a temporary spot for now, as our tree holds court in our living/dining area. We plan on moving it out more towards the middle and perhaps one day adding a buffet against the wall.
And those dining room chairs mentioned above? Well, that's a work in progress. We have visions of hot pink leather chairs to lend a pop of color to the sleek black metal of the table. Easier wished than found, as it were. We are still on the hunt.

A quick close up of our holiday centerpiece...
On to the armchairs. The Tux Chair from Crate & Barrel has been on my Pinterest board since last fall. We originally were drawn to this striped fabric for the color scheme that matched our library (purples, light blues and grays). .
Time passed and the next time we found ourselves in the furniture floor of C&B, we shifted gears just a bit. The Tux Chair was still the way to go - defined arms, not overly large, simple legs - but the houndstooth pattern in gray was our new love. We ordered the pair and sat by the phone waiting for the order to come in. The chairs keep my homemade shag rug in place (learn all about making the rug).
The new bar is fully stocked and recently a few pieces of art were added above it including a Roy Lichtenstein print (Alka-Seltzer), a framed enlargement of one of Bob's shots in Egypt and a pencil drawing of a London street inherited from relatives.
Eventually, I would love for a small occasional table to be added to the mix, but I worry about filling up the space too much.
The chairs face a currently festive fireplace and with a throw added to the mix is now one of the most inviting places in the house!
 So a warm welcome to our newest additions, we have had you in mind for over a year and I must say it feels pretty good to see you in place.


  1. Wonderful! I love the houndstooth and the lines of those chairs. Might add them to my wishlist. (Everything on my wishlist is on hold until Nels stops drooling on everything.)

    I think you could get away with a small occasional table between the chairs, or a console table behind the couch which could function as a drink-holder for the couch and chairs. You'll need somewhere to place your hot chocolate when you sit by the fire! :)

  2. thanks Kara! I am thinking we can find something small for between the chairs too. Bob is pushing hard for a little ottoman, so we might end up compromising here :-)

  3. Nice post so thanks for sharing with us.