Monday, January 21, 2013

Alpha-Bet That Would Make a Great Gift

In 2011, I made my then 2 1/2 year old niece, Ella, a photo book all her own with a little help from The story was a hit (read about it here), and she would ask to read the "Ella book" throughout the year. This holiday season, I decided to create something for the one-year old Amelia. A little Pinterest inspiration is never too far away!

This mom created an alphabet book for her little one, tailored with personal photos. She shares all of the page photos on her blog here.
I took over my sister's hard drive to find any and all applicable photos. Plugging them all into the mixbook template and adding text boxes was easy enough. And with "A" standing for Amelia, the book named itself.
I'm hoping she will have just as much fun pointing out everything familiar about the photos as she will with learning her ABC's.
Some letters were easier than others - I found myself with about four options for the letter "H", but when it came to your "X's" and "Q's" we have to get a bit more creative. Let's just say I did some forced posing with Amelia and her xylophone!
Amelia shows up in most of her photos, but with only a year under her belt I sometimes had to rely on her sister to help showcase some of the letters, like this adorable shot of Ella dishing out ice cream cones from her "kitchen."
All of Amelia's family members make appearances, including her newly minted Uncle Bob.
I also made Ella a new book: 20 pages detailing the holidays, seasons and celebrations that she celebrated in 2012. And so, the personalized hardcover book collection of my nieces grows! What should the book themes be for next year?

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  1. This is such a great idea! I'm featuring this on my party highlight post this weekend. Thanks so much for linking up.