Sunday, January 27, 2013

An On the Go Breakfast

The last couple of months, I have had a regular Google search term of "meals to freeze" as I look for new ideas for dinner tonight and two weeks from tonight. With this search, I landed on a super simple recipe for homemade breakfast burritos and in it found quite the winner.

The idea: scramble a dozen eggs with salsa, sausage and all of your favorite breakfast fixin's, wrap up tightly in a tortilla, flash freeze and then individually wrap. When you need a quick breakfast, microwave one for about 2 to 2 1/2 minutes and baby, you've got a burrito going on. Confession: there have also been one or two evenings where nothing looked appetizing for dinner and these made their way into the belly.

The key is to use a large enough skillet to hold 12 scrambled eggs, a jar of salsa, a pound of breakfast sausage, 2 cups of shredded cheese and hash browns. Luckily, I didn't overflow, but came close a couple of times!
Bob helped out with his burrito wrapping expertise. He nuked the tortillas for 30 seconds, wrapped in dishtowels to keep the heat in and to make them more pliable, and then added enough for one serving. The 10 inch tortillas seemed to be the best size for these, but we also had 12 inch tortillas on hand and those filled up just fine.
The original recipe seems to be pretty optimistic in how many burritos this serving size can make, but of course it all depends on how many ingredients you add. Our first batch made 14, our second batch made 18 when we added in another 1/2 pound of sausage (the first go-round I made do with just the 1/2 pound leftover in our freezer).

The salsa added enough veggies for us, but you could throw in additional green onion, garlic, tomatoes or whatever your little heart desires. 

Line the burritos on a wax paper covered baking sheet and find room in your freezer. After a few hours, the individual servings should be nice and frozen. After this step, wrap up in saran wrap and store in a ziploc gallon bag in the freezer. Pull one out as needed and enjoy!
To spread the burrito love, we gave my sister's family a homemade "gift card" for a batch of these burritos as part of an "on the go" gift package for Christmas (including ceramic travel coffee cups and an iTunes gift card to help make running a little more fun). 
All in all, I spent less than an hour making a batch - not too shabby considering all of the instances it will give us where we don't have to think about breakfast!

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