Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Carded 2012

Under the wire doesn't even begin to describe how I went about Christmas cards this year. I knocked them all out in one night, mailed them the next day and hoped that they would all arrive before December 25!

Inspiration hadn't found me yet, so my annual tradition of making my cards was a bit threatened as my weekends filled up with other projects, work trips and general weariness from DIY overload in 2012. I was too stubborn to buy cards, and did not want to send eCards out and time was running short. So I was very happy to find the following on Pinterest, a perfect idea for all the holiday scrapbook paper I have accrued.
I started by breaking out my set of Martha Stewart holiday paper, I estimated a size per tab and got to work. Arranging them on a card wasn't too challenging - just made sure to mix up the colors and patterns enough to look random!
After some fun with the paper cutter and glue stick, I found enough stickers to act as "toppers" and a spool of decorative ribbon made for some excellent garland.
I was able to make the first couple with glue dots, which I would highly recommend for something like this. The glue stick, even though applied lightly, still added a bit too much weight and stiffness to the card.
After making a baker's dozen of tree cards, I wanted to mix it up a bit and decided to use some holiday paper that came as part of a craft set.
The ideas were simplistic, but I loved how they turned out. A background color, a swatch of holiday and an added message with a rubber stamp and ink was all it took.
Before I knew it, I had another 20 cards. Bob wrote a message on the insides of each and we got to addressin'.
We increased our mailing list a bit this year, but because of our timing we missed a few family members already en route to Chicago for the holidays! I am thinking next year I need to put cards on my to-do list for November!

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