Friday, January 11, 2013

Etsy Does It: Holiday Blocks

One of my year long goals was to look into selling the Every Holiday Blocks that I first made for myself in the summer of 2011. Written about in this post, the blocks are six-sided messages meant to stay on your shelf year round, running through the major holidays and seasons.
Last spring I sort-of-impulse-bought a set of 500 one-inch blocks from the internet. Let's just say I was planning on buying 100 to try making a few seats to start, and suddenly the volume price savings took over and I figured why not buy enough to make 27 sets??

Around July I began to crave working on a project that wasn't wedding-centric (see: centerpieces, table numbers, invitations, etc), so I hunkered down and made a dozen sets of Every Holiday Blocks.
                               Every Holiday Blocks
I played with the paint colors, messages and "clip art" from the original set to improve the look, and I must say have gotten pretty quick at hand-painting each of the six sides carefully. Many a netflix movie was watched during the painting sprees.
                                 Every Holiday Blocks
With some ready-made sets, I decided to open up an online shop and see where things lead. And so, I'm happy to unveil the lydiasnextstep shop on Etsy. Further down the line I am hoping to add a few more projects, possibly ones seen on this blog, like the Mixed Media Movie Mod Podge or a version of these Felt Owls to recycle all of the yarn balls created for my wedding centerpieces.
For now, the blocks are available, so please do share the news with any of your craft loving friends and thank you for your support of the blog - 3 1/2 years in production, wow!

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