Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pinterest Project - Put a Cork on It

When looking for a few DIY Christmas gifts to intersperse with store-bought goodies, Pinterest pretty much always saves the day. 

There are no shortage of cork projects out there in the web world. Suddenly I found myself creating a little tradition for what I make my mother - last year, I tackled these cork plant markers as a gift for her.
After pinning the cork trivet, I considered all of the different ways to make these kitchen helpers. A few examples:

I imagine some of the pins I was seeing came as part of a kit, with the frame being just the right size for a set amount of corks to line it. In the end, I picked up a couple picture frames from the thrift store, knocked out the glass and hot glued corks in a random pattern. At first I was disappointed at the spaces in between, but as I looked closer at many of the examples online they seemed to have the same issue, even with the kits. I think that is part of the fun in using corks that have been pulled and misshapen as opposed to the bags you can buy in the store, sold specifically for decor and not for drinking! 

The other big difference is that my corks are raised above the frame as opposed to sitting in it.
Although I had a healthy supply of corks on hand, many of them were the plastic-y material that didn't look right against the grain of the more traditional corks. And then of course there are the screw top bottles that don't get us anywhere! I had to rely on friends and family to help get the second trivet off the ground.

I added coverage on the bottom of the frame with more cork - this time the kind you can buy in a roll at Staples. 
After just a few minutes, the job was on to that bottle of wine I had to uncork in order to finish....

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