Saturday, February 23, 2013

Registry Recap

Back with another wedding post – as we prepare for our six month anniversary! Wow, it has certainly flown by. And why have we been so carefully counting up to six months? No, not to celebrate with a romantical dinner and lavish gifts for each other, but because it will mark the expiration of our 10% off registry fulfillment at Crate & Barrel! We have spent plenty o’ afternoons at C&B over the last few months, basically negating the charges a 9.5% sales tax in Illinois will get you, ogling products large and small. It was certainly a treat to find out that the 10% off applied not only to the items on our registry, but to anything in the store. 

Not only could we pick up the orange dishtowels we had on our list, but also a couple armchairs that weren’t available when we created the registry (nor would we have felt comfortable putting such large items on our wishlist!) When it came to planning out where we would register, Crate & Barrel was pretty much a no-brainer. Their style is our style, and we looked forward to filling up our kitchen with all of those "seemingly need to have" gadgets!
We also registered on Amazon after a suggestion from my family. This would not have occurred to me, but it ended up being a great way to add a variety of products to our wish list. Although they do not offer a discount on fulfillment like Crate & Barrel and several other establishments do, we took advantage of gift cards and free shipping!
As you may recall from a previous post, everything culminated in our DIY thank you cards that featured Bob and I decked out in wedding garb using the gifts we received. Now that was a fun day. 
So how did we determine what to register for? As a couple hitting our thirties, we weren’t wanting for much in the way of kitchen basics or household necessities. We made sure to add items we would actually use – this means the Panini Maker got removed from the registry soon after it was added. I can honestly say that we have used everything received so far except for the ice cream attachment to the KitchenAid mixer and a picnic set. Something to do with the subzero temps we are currently experiencing here in Chicago, I think!

We upgraded some of our items to things that will last. Like a Le Creuset Dutch Oven, a KitchenAid Blender and “the Drill we wanted to buy but settled for the $30 one that broke after a year”
We increased our numbers. I will never forget running to Crate & Barrel one Friday afternoon to buy a set of 4 plates for a dinner party because we only owned 4 at the time! We picked out simple white dishes and classic flatware x10 to match the plates we already owned.
We know we like to entertain. So large serving bowls and appetizer plates were natural additions. Again, we stuck to white for as much as we could to create a bit of a theme that focuses on the food and not a brightly colored plate.
We had a little bit of fun. A bread machine. A record player. A shiny silver bowl with a bright orange interior. Nothing we need of course, but we enjoy having them!
So that’s how we created our registry, what was your number one item that you just can’t live without after settling into marriage? For more ideas, check out this past post on going off the registry – a scary concept for some!

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