Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Gift Bags: Simple and Sweet

I haven't written about the wedding in quite some time, so it might surprise you that I still have a number of posts to deliver on the subject. This time around let's focus on goodie bags and gifts! 

First up, deciding on a gift for my bridesmaids took my a looong time. I weighed the options: personalized tote bags, flip flops for the reception, comfy zip up hoodies for hair and makeup time.... in the end, I decided to put together a mini gift bag for each of them and make their hairstyles my treat. It's quite an investment bridesmaids put into a wedding between the travel, the dress, the showers and, of course, the advice. So anything I could do to alleviate that I was happy to do - and with the amazing work of Pin Me Up Chicago, I think the gals were just as happy in the end!
photo by GReyes Photography
For the gift bag, I put together "emergency kits" of Altoids smalls, blister band aids, Shout wipes, tissues, safety pins and the like. I filled up quite the basket at Walgreens with all of these goodies. After the fact, I realized I included 4 types of breath fresheners. Nothing personal, I swear! They just all come in such cute little packages!
The Thursday before the wedding, I found myself wandering the aisles at Macy's looking for the perfect little clutch to carry the emergency kits. When I spied the shiny teal and pink Michael Kors clutches (on sale, no less!) I knew I had a winner. I packed them up and added to a gift bag with a set of Jonathan Adler pencils and a travel journal from World Market. 
The Adler pencils were picked up at Papyrus and shared sayings like, "take Tambourine lessons" and "don't feel guilty about watching too much tv." I kept the latter one for myself as it surely does apply!
Moving on to the groomsmen, Bob had picked out volleyball cufflinks from an Etsy shop to commemorate his connection to his college friends (the CU Men's Volleyball Team). Along with picking up the ties and shirts they would wear under their navy suits, Bob had certainly dressed them for the occasion! 
photo by GReyes Photography
As a mini-gift from me, I prepared a box that I labeled "Bob and Boys" for him to open up when he got to the hotel. The package was chock-full of gettin' ready goodies that I pulled together from a few internet lists and about an hour trolling the aisles of Walgreens.
- 2 pairs of black socks (just in case)
- Contact solution
- Band-Aids
- Travel size Axe Body Spray
- Deodorant
- Tissues
- Shout wipes
- Aleve
- Altoids smalls
- Travel comb

Lastly, I hemmed and hawed putting together gift bags for our hotel guests. In the end, we only had about a dozen people staying at the hotel, but I still wanted to keep a close eye on our budget. After finding some lovely but definitely not budget-conscious ideas online like providing everyone with a fabric tote filled to the brim, I found options to create a $10 gift bag, including the $3.50 room drop fee we were facing from the hotel. We picked a Chicago theme: Frango mints, Jays potato chips, Wrigley gum and a Cubs crazy straw for fun. Add in 2 bottled waters and some headache (or hangover) reducers and the simple bag was set. 
To jazz up the white bags I bought from Michaels, I added a bride and groom silhouette stamp to the front on scrapbook paper and attached a thank you note. 
The text of the thank you notes was stolen almost entirely from another Chicago bride whose gift bags popped up in a Google image search. We kept our wedding font of Peignot Bold and our striped design that we used throughout on invites, programs and escort cards.
photo by GReyes Photography
We dropped these off with the hotel concierge before the rehearsal with the list of recipients (and their hotel confirmation numbers to be on the safe side), and they took care of the rest!

What do you like to get in a wedding welcome bag? What do you never use out of it? What travel size Walgreens find is your favorite? Personally, I love travel size Kleenex. I'm a sucker for the packaging.


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