Monday, April 8, 2013

The Wedding Pinterest Projects That Weren't

I joined Pinterest just a month before I got engaged, and the timing was more than serendipitous. I didn't spend a dime on 350-page wedding magazines filled with dresses I couldn't afford, I didn't have to take to scissors and glue to create my own inspiration binder and I didn't have to sift through the thousands of webpages on (even though I did use their checklist feature).

However, there is danger within Pinterest that I have seen many a friend fall victim to:

Overpinning - the act of pinning to the point that it is near impossible to complete any actual project, recipe or idea because of the sheer volume of pins of interest.

For example: a quick search on "green smoothie recipes" results in 15 new pins in one sitting. Or your "places to see" board contains 1,216 pins. The question is, when are you going to take the extra time to make something happen if you've given yourself too many options?

I don't believe I overpin in general, with only 437 pins across 11 boards over the last year and a half, but I will admit to my eyes being bigger than my crafty hands when it came to planned wedding projects. Check out my wedding board for direct links to sources for everything discussed below. I'm still adding to this with a few of my own recap blog posts. You may also notice that the wedding dress I ended up purchasing was one of my early pins!
Bob and I DIY'd more than a dozen elements of our wedding, most of which have been detailed on this blog, including: table numbers, luggage tag favors, card box, lantern centerpieces, altarpiece backdrop, invites and programs, menu cards, hotel gift bags, our save the date and thank you cards. Almost all of these began as a pin on my wedding board. However, a few never made it past the conception phase...

Without further ado, the Wedding Pinterest Projects That Weren't:

String Balloon Balls
Picture this: A loft venue with high ceilings, exposed ductwork and brick walls. White string lights looped along the beams to illuminate down during the reception. Airy, white globes of different sizes hanging above the head table.
It was a nice idea, but the picture below illustrates just how far I went with this one. The time and effort required, not to mention the logistics involved with actually getting all of these hung the day before the wedding put the kibosh on this project. I literally stopped halfway through a balloon and said, "What am I doing this for?"
Aisle Runner Vases
This Pinterest Project had a cute backstory. When Bob proposed to me in the park, he had almost a dozen vases filled with flowers on the bench we ended up at. In an effort to reuse the vases, I tried my hand at spray painting the rubber band-covered glassware. The thought was to line these up along the chairs as aisle runners, the candlelight illuminated through the unpainted sections of the vase. This would also play off of the stripey theme of our invites, programs and cake.
However, my Nervous Nellie nature shook its head at the potential of them being kicked over: loud noises, shattered glass, fire, screaming...Plus, once I got going I wasn't as impressed with how they looked, though I'm sure my spray painting skills would have improved after these first 2 I tried for a Young House Love Pinterest Challenge.
In the end, our centerpiece lanterns pulled double duty and I think made for a more colorful, relevant and fire-proof addition to the ceremony.
Just Married Banner
This one never made it past the pin. Since we used map paper for the table numbers and the escort card wall, I thought of creating background circles of map paper with the letters for "Just Married" spread across. Since the ceremony was in the same location as the reception, the thought was to say "Just About Married" and remove "About" during the cocktail hour.
This was strictly a nice to have and got cut from the roster pretty early on. I wasn't sure how or where in the venue I would have even been able to hang this and didn't need to focus my attention on taking down a banner five minutes after saying "I do!"

Paper Flowers
If I thought the centerpiece yarn balls took me a long time, I can only imagine how many hours I would have slaved away on paper flowers. The idea is valid - I was never picturing a huge bouquet, floral centerpieces or a large presence from the fragrant ones at my wedding so a way around the cost would be to make my own. And here was another way to use map paper....
I tried to make one after watching a youtube video tutorial four times in a row. It did not go well. Let's just say I think there is a reason some of those bouquets on Etsy cost well over $100.
I quickly came to my senses and managed to keep the florist bill under $500 anyway by sticking with simple bouquets, bouts and corsages. I also asked my brother in law to pick up the flowers on his way to the hotel to save on delivery charges. As a bonus, Billy Balls seem to last forever so my bouquet still looks great after seven months.
So there we have it. Four projects that might have added a little something to the wedding, but none that were vital to it. My sanity thanks me for being okay with removing things from the to-do list. Almost as satisfying as crossing the accomplished things off of it!

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