Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chef's Choice

Last week on the train ride home from work, I was thisclose to convincing myself to stop off for take out before it suddenly dawned on me I had all the makings of a Chef's Salad.

This is one of those meals that always reminds me of my childhood. We'd grab oversized bowls usually meant for mixing or serving and fill them to the brim with iceberg lettuce, hard boiled egg, cheese, tomato and slices of whatever lunchmeat we happened to have handy at the time.

A quick text to my partner in crime, and this dinner was going to be created in short order. Bob was kind enough to start the chopping, dicing and frying of bacon before I walked in the door. I stopped at the little market to grab an avocado, because everything tastes better with an avocado and the creaminess it added meant I didn't even need to add a dressing. 
Incidentally, the reason I had so many of the right ingredients was because of another old favorite we had made the prior weekend. In my family, Sundays meant watching the Green Bay Packers and making sub sandwiches for lunch. We'd pick up a big french loaf and "build our own." Sandwiches really are some of the best things on earth. With my sister's family over for a visit, I figured this would be an easy to please meal. But even I was surprised when my ultra-picky four year old niece declared it, "the best lunch."

We kept it pretty traditional with deli ham and turkey, muenster and provolone cheeses, thinly sliced tomato, avocado (there it is again!), and lettuce. I I don't always like the taste of mayo, so I decided to change up the spread option by mixing cream cheese with a sprinkling of dry ranch dressing.

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