Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Closet is Experiencing Layoffs

One of my goals for the year was to donate at least 1 bag of clothes. I'll see your one bag and raise you another. 
A few weekends ago I stared into the abyss that is my clothes closet and decided to do a purge. The deciding factors in getting rid of an item:
1. Haven't worn it in a year (dresses can be the exception)
2. I wear it, but don't like how it fits/how I look in it.

I would say I do this type of purge about once a year, but typically only focus on deciding factor #1. By being honest with myself about what I don't feel good in, it certainly limits the items of clothing I'll have to work with, but also forces to me to lose all that dead weight. A couple pieces that survived the last two purges finally saw themselves shoved in a bag.
I waited until the start of the spring/summer season to take on this activity so that I was able to take a good look at the sweaters I was about to pack away. Some I hadn't touched all winter, some I avoid wearing because they are stretched out or too pilly. As the survivors got packed away and the shorts and polos came out, I gave the summer clothes a yay or nay before it got hung up/put in the drawer.

Most of these items of clothing can be donated, but a few are too ragged to justify giving to Goodwill. We found a site to mail in old jeans to be recycled that we need to take advantage of.

In the end, I "laid off":
3 skirts
2 hoodies
11 tops
5 cardigans
9 sweaters
1 blazer
4 jackets (I let the coat closet get in on the action)

This freed up about 25 hangers. I'm sure they'll make their way back to the rack eventually, and so until another purge....
Of course, the news isn't all grim. New closet entries include colorful ankle pants from The Limited, a threesome of Benetton sweaters, light enough for spring but heavy enough for our air conditioned office, and a couple more work tops that force me to step out of my Cotton Comfort Zone.

What's new in your closet? Are you good about replacing or are are you continually "adding to?"

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