Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pinterest Project: Christmas in May

As if I needed an excuse to get crafty. 

Young House Love issued another seasonal Pinterest Challenge along with Bower Power,  Sparkle Meets Pop and Red Bird Blue. (Links go to their projects!) I looked over some recent pins and landed on a not-so-seasonal decision for this weekend's project: Christmas present gift tags!
For years I created a wrapping paper theme for each year (check them out here), but after seeing red in 2010, I decided to simplify matters and stock up on brown kraft paper from Staples. I was sold after spending $5 on a giant roll and bought two more for the next holiday season. So now the key is to jazz up the brown paper in different ways each year. Here's a pin I'm keeping on hand for future reference: making it look like mail.
The last two years I used my alphabet stamps to apply the to/from directly onto the paper., but I think I'm ready for a change....
I have tackled tags a few times over the years - my Aunt Christine serves as an inspiration as she makes some pretty cool ones out of rubber stamps and paper goods. A couple examples from an Easter themed craft day:
Speaking of red, a quick shot of the tags from 2010 - definitely heavy on the stamp ink usage!
Two years ago, I created a set as a thank you gift for a friend, with generic tags, congratulations tags, birthday tags and more.
This time around, I used this pin's comment to drive the project: "Old Christmas Cards"
A quick trip to Michael's stocked me up with tags of different shades and sizes. I decided to start out making 20 Christmas tags, with at least another 20 to make over a future weekend. This still leaves another 40 tags to make non-holiday specific tags when the mood strikes!
The toughest part of this project? Remembering what holiday bin I put the bag full of old cards! I save all Christmas cards and many have come in handy over the years for display purposes. It also allows me to cheat and look like I have A LOT more friends who all send their cards out by the first week of December!
I sorted out the cards I couldn't bring myself to cut up, and then took to the scissors and glue dots with the ones that would make great tags.
Its amazing how my craft supplies can seem to explode all over the room...I finally brought myself to clean up three days later! That's the nice thing about having it all contained to a second bedroom that I can close the door to at the end of the day....
20 tags later:
To highlight a few favorites, this one was cut out of a piece of scrapbook paper, trimmed to size and glued over a tag that was dabbed with cranberry colored stamp ink.
A card that featured stand up reindeer when opened came in handy when I cut them out individually! There were more than a few tags like this snowman one that I covered completely with the card's design. One hole punch later and it was done-zo.
A few 3D elements were created with cards, stickers and raised double sided tape squares.
Another pin helped me solve the issue of where to store these new tags.
I ended up repurposing a tin that previously held a set of alphabet stamps I never use. The stamps got downgraded to a ziploc baggie and the tin got a facelift with scrapbook paper and some leftover letters from my Every Holiday Blocks.
The perfect size, with room for a few more - looks like "Tags 2: Electric Tagaloo" will be coming to a weekend near me soon.
On another note, we built the project table and I took over the second bedroom in order to avoid making the couch the craft workstation - I kept losing things between the cushions.
Yet, there is one thing I can't seem to avoid even with a dedicated space: "helpful" cats!
Later, Sonny expresses his joy in working on gift tags....
Okay, that's enough cat pictures for one post. What projects are you working on months ahead of time? Does reading this make you want to pop in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation like I almost did?

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  1. Lovely! I love the 3D effect too! My mom and I used to do something similar to this as a girl. So many pretty Christmas cards that next year turned into great tags! We didn't have a fancy Tag box tho!