Friday, June 28, 2013

Quarter Time

If you are anything like me, you sign up for all of the daily deal websites thinking you are going to find amazing discounts on home decor, clothes and restaurants. Then you start to feel a little overwhelmed by the number of unread items in your gmail inbox. Eventually, you ignore every daily deal email just for the purpose of having something you can delete.
I've signed up for Gilt, One Kings Lane and more over the last couple years. I just can't seem to find the time to peruse the websites, save for once a month to check out what discounted goodies are available.

However, Bob receives emails from and keeps a regular eye on what's coming through that could make nice additions to our home! Every few weeks I'll get a gchat with a link to a console table, a mirror or a set of pillows that he'd like me to weigh in on.

When he sent a link to a set of modern clocks available through the site, I was pleased to discover we both gravitated towards the same one: The Infinity Wall Clock. A simple, "that clock looks cool" was all it took and in a week's time we had a new friend in the house!
It took awhile to figure out where to put the clock. It isn't oversized, so we worried about it getting lost on some of our expansive walls. Then we decided to look up....
Wait, let me pull back a bit....
We purposely put it off center so that the extra long minute hand would start to run off the side of the wall for that last half of each hour. Bob needed the ladder to change a few light bulbs right before our party last Saturday, so while he was at it he grabbed a nail and found the clock a home.

Now just this week I received another gchat link...have we finally found salt and pepper shakers to call our own??

Three days later.....
So it looks like we've started making myhabit a habit! Hopefully we won't go too crazy...

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