Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dinner and a Movie

When you stop and think about how many free activities you don't take advantage of in your hometown, it can get a little humbling. Heck, I always kick myself for not going to enough Broadway in Chicago shows, live music and museum activities and those all fall in the category of shelling out money!

So when Bob sent me a gchat about the upcoming movie in the park schedule I jumped quickly to say yes. We packed a picnic and grabbed a spot, ready to watch Skyfall on a Saturday night. I had visions of the show Parks and Recreation and half expected Leslie Knope to come out from behind a tree and welcome us to the free event.

We have gotten some good use out of a picnic set we received as a wedding gift. Funny story, I thought it was just a nice cooler until a week or so after receiving it. Noting how heavy it seemed to be (I chalked it up to a freezable ice pack somewhere inside of the cooler), I unzipped the side and found a 4 piece picnic set! Who knew!
The cooler was filled with individual containers of salsa we could easily hold, cheese, sandwich fixings, pasta salads and a few libations.
We picked up some good sub bread, crackers and other snack snacks to fill the dry goods basket. Over the years, we have had several, "Dammit!" moments when we realized we forgot a crucial part of our picnic at home. Usually a corkscrew or cups or something along those lines. So I was pleased to find we didn't find ourselves without on this go round!

So what goes into your Picnic Packing Planner? Here's my list:
- Blanket for ground
- Blanket for keeping warm as the night cools down (you may choose to bring your Snuggie)
- Long pants/fleece or jacket/socks - seriously, I can't believe people are still tooling around in short shorts at 10pm at these things!
- Camping chairs with cup holders
- Plastic bag for garbage
- Napkins
- Corkscrew
- 1 cooler
- Can Koozies 
- 1 dry goods basket
- Bug Spray/Sunscreen (depending on time of day)
We covered dinner, now onto the movie....we had some free entertainment in watching the guys attempt to set up the inflatable movie screen. It fell back on itself a few times before they figured out the magic formula for getting it to stand upright. Did I mention this was the first weekend of Movies in the Park for the summer? I'll go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt that they  have gotten the process down by now!
The evening was going well, until the rain clouds we had been tracking all day finally hit us. As we anticipated, at 10:30pm the skies opened up and we all had to pack it in, right as Javier Bardem was making an impassioned speech in his prison cell. Maybe next time we'll stay with clear skies through the end credits.
The boys enjoy when we are getting ready to go on a picnic because it means a new blanket laid out on the floor for them to nap on. 

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