Sunday, July 21, 2013

ScrapFest 2013

After cancellation of our March craftapalooza, my aunt, sister and I finally re-grouped this past Friday for ScrapFest 2013. I had already been planning on taking the 19th off for a personal day and asked my aunt and sister if they might be free to play hooky for the day and come down to my place. BYOS: Bring Your Own Stamps. Also check out the post from our 2012 event and the cards and scrapbook pages created that day.

After fighting through construction traffic and two blocks of parking sealed off for street sweeping (here's where city living gets less fun), they finally unloaded their goodies and we set up in the craft room.
My Aunt Christine focused on making a few Halloween themed tags for her October craft fair. My sister was catching up on scrapbook pages for my niece. I decided to replenish my supply of birthday cards - I had run out awhile back and found myself in the Hallmark aisle of Walgreens a little too often lately. 
First up, a quick snapshot of Christine's tags. Halloween is her favorite holiday and the vintage decorations, stickers and rubber stamps are never in short supply at her house.
My sister tackled five autumnal themed scrapbook pages featuring Miss Ella through the years. 2 costumes, 1 pumpkin patch and 1 goat farm later and she was spent. 
It was a little slow going at first, but by the end of the day had 17 new cards to choose from for future well wishing. Most are birthday themed. This one benefitted from my horribly dull paper cutter to give the edges of the cardstock a frayed look. 
This card was made with decorative tape, stamps and two sizes of square punches. Decorative tape, aka fake washi, is my new favorite. I had to stop myself from buying them out at Michaels when half the rack was on clearance.
I picked up a pack of money/gift card holders at Michaels that had super cute designs and sayings like, "Top Secret." "Show me the Money," and "Good Fortune is Found Within." This one that says, "Your Ship Has Come In" steals an idea off of the back of the packaging by using blue paper and ribbon to create an ocean-like background.
A set of whimsical images like bicycles and butterflies on thin plastic helped create a few more cards. This butterfly one shared the page with a white-inked butterfly stamp I had on hand.
And I experimented a little with a bit of gauzy overlay attached with glue dots. This photo makes it look like it is hanging down, but it is just a strange shadow! The bike image was glued to a pink rectangle that had "birthday" pre-printed in small letters within a bottom banner. I used two brown banners next to each other as a background.
Once I got a little tired of using the birthday stamps, I turned to makin' baby cards. I'm pretty sure the "baby love" decor was table confetti from a long ago baby shower. I must have swept it into my purse expecting it to come in handy someday for a project! The girl card features a footprint stamp in pink and a piece of lace attached to a dotted scrap of paper.
A few other cards were directly inspired by Pinterest posts, so I shall save them for another day. Also saved is the other reason for Craft Day: so I could learn how to use my sewing machine! I tackled a rather intensive project for my first go, and must say am very happy with the result. Here's a hint: Halloween was definitely the theme of the day!

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