Sunday, September 15, 2013

Halloween on Display

Hear that? It is the sound of crunching leaves, rain against the window and audible gasps as we go from 90 degrees to 58 in the same week. Yes, fall is upon us once again and that means my fireplace mantle is about to spend the next three months decked out for the holidays (flowing right from Fall/Halloween to Christmas come the day after Thanksgiving).

I broke out the holiday totes and unloaded all the goodies i had to work with. I try to do a little something with the display each year, without going overboard and buying all new items. I do let myself buy one new addition to the family, and only time will tell what makes it onto the mantle. Something from a shop found on our upcoming New England trip? Possibly.
The biggest change for the year has to be the mantle scarf. Made with love and an introduction to the sewing machine back in July, it is finally getting its turn to be on display. 
A couple scarily-titled books, with their book jackets removed, sit in front of a hurricane filled with pumpkins  made of various materials (real, cloth, candle and porcelain) with a ghost looking on.
I created a subtle background to the scene with a few Halloween cards that show a starry night sky, stack of pumpkins, ghostly tree line and a zombie cat in the distance. Just enough to offset the hot pinkness of the art that lives behind my little ghouls!

I put the scarecrow, witch and devil on top of a plastic box leftover from some of the pumpkin candles to give them a little more height in the background, with the box covered with the garland to hide it.
I'm not sure why, but when I look at this scene I see the little cat looking on nervously as the raven eyes up the ghost's head as a potentially tasty treat to grab. 

Happy Fall!

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