Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diorama Rama

I've been jonesin' for another Pinterest Project that isn't food related for awhile now. So when I was searching through the holiday pages and saw this little guy, I thought, "hey, I could make that!"
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I gathered up my Michaels coupons, but was dismayed to find only orange craft pumpkins at my local store, two weekends in a row. I broke down and bought one (50% off!) on the second trip there and decided to paint it black instead.
First, I penciled in the rectangle to cut out of the front and that went to town with the knife. After surprisingly coming away injury free - what can I say, Bob is the carver in our house - I broke out the craft paint. 
A couple layers later, on both the inside and the outside, and we're none the wiser that an orange layer lives underneath. 
I didn't want to re-create the Pinterest image completely, but wasn't exactly sure where to take the scene. As it turned out, my over spending habit at Michaels came in handy this time. I had grabbed a few 3D sticker sets on clearance and realized the Haunted House and full moon were the perfect size to stick inside.

By the way, if I can rant for just one second - it was only October 18 and already the Halloween decor is on clearance and reduced to half an aisle, while Christmas has exploded in the back of the store. They really aren't making it easy on all of us last minute people who still want a full selection of Halloween goodies, are they? Ahh well, this is also coming from the girl who spent an hour of her September vacation to Vermont in a store called The Christmas Loft.

I stood the house up in the back and it just barely scraped the top, which actually worked out very well in getting it to stay in place. I covered the bottom with moss leftover from an Easter centerpiece project and stuck my little raven inside. 
As for the moon, I hot glued a pin to the back of it and stuck it into the ceiling of the pumpkin. Hopefully gravity won't come back to haunt me (pun intended) and it will stay in place. 
To shed a little light on the subject, I threw in a fake orange tea light to give the inside a flickering glow. I made some space on an eye level bookshelf for the diorama so that you can really get a gander at the whole scene when passing by. Why look, there are two past Pinterest projects on the same shelf: Martha Stewart Jar O'Lanterns (made before I ever knew what Pinterest was) and my little yarn ball felt owls.
Not bad for 20 minutes work on a Sunday afternoon!

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