Monday, December 23, 2013

Hip to be Square

My tradition of making my own Christmas cards is facing dangerous territory as our list expands with each year. I used to cap out at making no more than a dozen cards, allowing me to spend loads of time on each, like this one from Christmas' past. That year's "play on words" theme also featured my all-time favorite card: "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Jack Nicholson soon would be there."
This year I had about 40 to send out, so looked to Pinterest for a fun design I could make in bulk. Months ago I pinned this card, as a fan of color blocking and knowing I had a one-inch square punch on hand. 
I decided to grab my holiday themed paper and go to town. Each card used 12 squares, so I spent the better part of an evening just creating the stacks of inchies. 
Once I laid out the design on the card, things moved along pretty quickly. 
I relied on glue dots as opposed to a glue stick to prevent the paper from curling up or getting too heavy.
A quick stamp at the bottom of each sealed the deal on the front and then Bob took over with a holiday message in each and addressing all of our envelopes. He's the handwriting expert in this family.
Merry Christmas to all! Hope the festivities are fun for you!

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