Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wrappity Wrap Wrap

For the third year in a row I busted out the giant rolls of paper from Staples to create my own "brown paper packages tied up with string." Not having to deal with a dozen rolls of half empty wrapping paper floating around the house? Yes, please. The last two years I featured similar themes, with a set of alphabet stamps doing the honors for the to's and from's. 
This year I made use of the tags I made several months back. They have sat patiently in their tin since May, waiting for their time to shine.
One trip to Michaels later and I had a basket full of 70% off ribbon and decor accoutrement. Glitter: both beautiful and evil. It seriously gets everywhere. I've probably got a lung-full after working with all of these gifts.
I bought several of these floral pieces, enough for each person in my family to get one gift with a little extra something on it.
Since I found the floral decor at Michaels first, I then grabbed enough spools of ribbon to somewhat match. I tried to pick out tags that had the same color scheme to tie it all together, like this blue-hued gift below.

One of my gifts was an "order form" for holiday mantel scarves, like this Halloween one I made a few months back. I decided rather than guess at what fabrics my sister, aunt and mother would like and what length to make them, I would let them tell me. To dress up the gift, I put them in plain white envelopes with a tag, ribbon and extra bit of decor attached to the front.
Another set of gifts all wrapped up and ready for the holidays! Merry Christmas!

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