Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Garden Variety

I had been hearing about the store Garden Ridge since the early days of reading Young House Love, but had never seen one in person. When we found ourselves in Naperville this past weekend picking up our new dryer from the Sears Outlet (more on that excitement in an upcoming post!), I asked Bob if we could pretty please stop.
I wasn't sure what to expect, just knew that it was supposed to be a decor superstore with put-a-smile-on-your-face prices. It was a little overwhelming to be sure, and it did not appeal to my anti-"Costco warehouse" sensibilities, but we definitely did not walk away empty handed. 

We've been looking for new couch pillows for awhile now. In fact, we went to Garden Ridge just a day after spying this beauty at West Elm and almost pulling the trigger.
I think we will still splurge on the West Elm design, but we decided to compensate our couch with a $10 solid gray and $20 larger stenciled guy found at Garden Ridge to save on some costs. 
With our existing yellow pillows, the couch already looks loads better than it did with our increasingly flattened green pillows (read about the origin of those pillows in happier days from this way-back-when post when I apparently still watched Glee).
The stenciling motif did not end there. With the pillows in hand, we wandered to the opposite end of the store only to find an ottoman that Bob thought would be perfect for the library. I have been poo-poohing the idea of an ottoman addition since I don't like the idea of the library area being too cluttered, but once this bad boy was in place even I agreed it helped make the space a little brighter. 
The cats instantly decided to model the new piece of furniture. First, the only shot I could get of Sonny sitting somewhat still. He rolled around on the top of this thing for about five minutes straight:
Then Fredo's turn to strike a pose:
Psst: Miss all the details on how the library came together? Check out the summary here.

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  1. I was gonna say that I love that nifty little ottoman, and I'm pleased to see that the cat apparently agrees wholeheartedly.

    Sarah |