Friday, March 7, 2014

The Whole Chicken and Nothing But the Chicken

Who doesn't love the rotisserie chickens that you can buy for less than $7 at the grocery store? They are delicious and such an easy and quick meal.

When I saw this Pinterest post showing how to recreate it in your crockpot at home? Well, I was ready to try it out. 
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We picked up a whole chicken at the store, ideally we'd have taken advantage of a 2 for 1 sale or some other big discount day to help make the case for not just buying a ready made rotisserie, but we ended up probably coming out even on this one. Next time we'll be looking for the sales! 

I loved the idea of adding a layer of balled up tin foil to the bottom of the crock pot to act as a "roasting pan" so that the juices don't make the chicken overly soggy. What a concept!

The spice mixture includes salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, thyme, sage, paprika and garlic powder. I mixed up a small bowl according to the amounts in the recipe and set it aside.
The chicken was defrosted and the neck and giblets were removed. After that ickiness, I washed it off and then slathered olive oil all over the bird. Accepting that my hands were going to be disgusting for the next few minutes, I got to work on covering the chicken with the spice mixture. Then into the crockpot it went.
It was programmed for 8 hours on low. When we got home from work, we realized that getting it out of the slow cooker in one piece was going to be impossible because of how tender it was.
Soon enough we had a full plate of wings, legs and plenty more chicken-y goodness to go ahead.
Although the skin is not as crispy as you can get, this feels much better going down than KFC or Popeyes - has to be a bit healthier, right?? I declare this Pinterest attempt a winner.

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