Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Picked Up in Peru

Continuing our tradition of decorating our home with memories of our vacations, we find ourselves with a few new items in Casa Kamicar after our March trip to Peru. These keepsakes join alabaster vases from Egypt, Shaker-style boxes from New Hampshire and figurines from Belize on our bookshelves and wall space.

First up, the item we knew stepping off the plane we'd be coming home with, one way or another - an Alpaca blanket. Now, we're not hurting for wraps in this household - we've had a steady supply of gorgeous homemade quilts thanks to my Aunt Christine, and I basically haven't put down this monogrammed Pottery Barn throw since we got it as a wedding gift a year and a half ago. (if the photo below makes no sense to you, you may want to read my Wedding Thank You Card post!)
But we loved the look and feel of these alpaca beauties - so we were on the hunt! Who knew there were so many types - mixed alpaca/llama, baby alpaca, super baby alpaca. Machine made vs. handmade. 

We ended up getting a machine made baby alpaca blanket in a relaxing blue. Baby alpaca doesn't mean they used newborn babies, but rather indicates that it is wool taken from the very first shearing of the animal which produces a cashmere like feel. Our cats are already in love.
Next up, a set of bulls in teal and white. Cuzco households frequently featured a pair of ceramic bulls perched on their rooftops, indicating good fortune and protection for the household. They face the same direction and typically had a cross between them. I loved this quote from Cuzco Eats: "There they stand between house and sky. With their snorting, stamping of hooves, and slapping of tail they bring a watchful eye and care for those who live inside." I wouldn't have minded a slightly larger set of bulls (these guys stand just a few inches tall) but we loved this color scheme the best out of all we saw.
This little burial mask represents a culture that pre-dates the Incas. The Chimu existed around 900 A.D. until they were conquered by the Incas in the 1400s. I used a mini easel we already owned to display it on the bookshelf.
Finally, our entryway got a little extra pizzazz with the addition of some framed art. We had heard that the Parque Kennedy (home of dozens and dozens of cats!) was lined with art vendors, so we made sure to walk by the strip of artists a couple times while in Lima. 

This little abstract piece caught our eye, and for around $30 U.S.D. we were able to get the frame, too! 
It seems to have found the perfect spot next to our front door.
So there we have it, a few more items to remember our travels by! What's new in your house??

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