Sunday, June 1, 2014

That's the Entryway (I Like it)

It was a little over a year ago that our entryway church pew made its way from Craigslist to our home, and since then we've always had a search for the perfect side table in our heads to help complete the space.
Memorial Day was meant to be focused on finding bath fixture sales as we prepare for our second bathroom renovation. In the end, we took advantage of some great sales, but the bathroom wasn't the lucky recipient of most of the items we now call our own. This area across from the entryway bench was though.
2 Memorial Days ago, we found ourselves at Domicile, a huge furniture store in Lincolnwood. We found a rug we loved for our bedroom, but even with a "no-tax" sale going on, we didn't pull the trigger. We were on our way to the Lincolnwood Lowe's anyways, so we decided to stop in to see what types of sales were going on. We figured if the rug was still there and cheaper than when we saw it in 2012, we would make the purchase. It turns out, the rug was MUCH more bright purple than we remembered it. We realized how much it had developed in our heads over time as "the perfect rug" when it wasn't at all true.

We almost left, but decided to do one more lap around the store. And that's when we found it - a lovely little console table from tag furniture. On sale for $229 and on a no-tax day. Our goal for a table was less than 40" wide, around 12" deep but not much more because of the thin hallway we're dealing with. We also loved the metal material that didn't look ultra-modern, but matched more of our furniture in the house, including the dining room table. 
Next came styling. I grabbed a few coffee table books and arranged a few times. I added a World Market bowl that I've had for years as our key-mail-and-sunglasses-collector and played around with the globes that had previously been housed in said bowl.
In case you are curious, here's a rundown of our highlighted books: Tutankhamun: His Tomb and Its TreasuresChicago Imagists, Lonely Planet's The Cities Book, Electric Banana: Masters of Psychedelic Art, Romero Britto: Colors Around the World and Archipelago: Portraits of Life in the World's Most Remote Island Sanctuary
It has already been nice to see our keys ending up in one place, and we'll see if we can keep mail from building up here. 

A couple to-do's left for the table. After considering a big mirror above the table (after we move the thermostat, a long term plan), we ended up buying two framed chalkboards from Pottery Barn that feature hooks for our keys to stay in plain view. At 14.5" wide, two across at eye height will fit the table pretty well, and allow us to leave messages for each other like, "I fed the cats already, don't let them trick you!"
Finally, we've got some plans for the bottom space under the table. I'm picturing a decent sized statue or vase on one side, and our New Glarus Brewing Co. crate on the other side, once it is stained a bit darker and ready to hold who-know's-what. I've been gathering ideas from Pinterest like crazy: hats and scarves for the wintertime, an extra blanket or throw, or maybe it'll just keep doing what it's been doing and hold our shoes.
But for now, our view when we walk in our door is just a little more exciting lately thanks to our table.

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