Sunday, June 29, 2014

Water World

I'm not a natural water drinker - it isn't my first, second or third choice when it comes to beverages. But while I default to choose a Cherry Coke, I know my insides are saying, "please water us!" To help with the taste and the excitement level of drinking tap water, I started making spa water at home more often. I would always see dispensers at event receptions I attended filled with lemons, cucumbers, and - most tasty - starfruit. I definitely gravitated towards filling my glass more than once when these were in the picture. We finally took some action last year and bought a dispenser from Bed, Bath and Beyond. By setting this up on a weekend morning, filling it with H20 and the fruit/veggie of the day means I find I'm re-filling my glass throughout.

Last weekend, we picked up a cucumber and strawberries from the Farmer's Market. After letting it marinate for an hour or so, the dual taste really came through in the water.
You may recall I set up these dispensers at our fall yard sale last September, with lemons in one and cucumbers in the other. What did I realize about a month after the yard sale? I had the base on backwards! So if you are thinking the black base looks a little odd,  you would be correct. However, the table wasn't super stable that it sat on, so I actually would have been less confident with the glass dispensers sitting so high off the surface. At least that's what I'm telling myself.
It's not just me feeling the spa water love: My sister had put together a strawberry, rosemary and cucumber mixture over Easter that delighted.
And I gave my mother this infuser pitcher for Christmas. She told me she's about to go strawberry picking for the season, so I picture a lot of pitcher usage in the near future!
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I'm also finding myself bringing a couple slices of cucumber to work with me to add to the glass I keep at my desk, making me drink something in the morning before I grab a Coke for lunch. That's still one habit I just can't seem to break.

What are you putting in your water?

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