Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The sourcing of our bathroom reno needs continues. We're thisclose to getting started, once our tub arrives at Lowe's by the estimated date of 6/20 we should have most everything we need to feel good enough to start demo'ing.

We've got a common thread going with our bathroom fixtures, sticking with Kohler all the way. The mishmashness comes in when looking at what Kohler lines we're going to be featuring: Memoirs, and Archer and Bancroft, oh my!

We found our sink early, first spied at Studio 41 - a great bath supply shop we found on our way out to the suburbs. Great selection and layout compared to some of the other stores we've been perusing. The Memoirs Stately comes in 2 sizes. While the 30" wide one was tempting, the realization that it would take up more space than our current vanity (the opposite of our goal with a pedestal sink) and the inflated price tag stopped us from moving forward.
The 24" wide sink was just as sweet, and a steal for us via Literally. We used a gift card and then used up our credit from TurboTax ($500 applied from our tax refund plus 10% = fifty free bucks!) on the sink, the first half having being used for The Nest.
Some excitement in the house as we tore into the giant boxes delivered a few days later - I don't think I've ever had boxes so large delivered and we laughed imagining what the tub delivery could end up looking like if we went the Amazon route for it, too!
In the end, our tub was purchased through Lowe's online and will be available for pickup in just another week. We went with the Kohler Archer, partly because of it's reasonable price and partly because other Kohler tubs we were drawn to were too wide or too long for our smallish guest bathroom. 
The Archer drop in tub hits at 60" x 30". We got a drop in tub because we plan on running the floor tiles up the side of the tub to tie it all together. Another reason, we couldn't go any wider and had to avoid all the 32" tubs we were finding. It will sort of look like the photo below, though you'll need to replace the brightly lit, open window with less space for our scenario.
photo source
So now onto the fixtures. I'll tell you, I don't understand why faucets are so expensive. If you can explain this to me I'm all ears. We didn't want to go crazy, and I initially put a modest $150 in the budget, but when we looked at the options in stores, the cheaper ones truly did look cheap. The Memoirs Stately sink faucet that matches our sink is a beauty, but at $412 we had a hard time convincing ourselves to pull the trigger. 
Bob found the Bancroft line and we both liked the feel of chrome mixed with the white handles. The handles also have little "H" and  "C" labels on them. At $329, a bargain compared to the Stately, but still higher than I wanted to budget. 
Since we knew the tub would take a couple weeks to get here, we decided to try our hand at eBay. It started two weeks ago when I found the Bancroft Bath and Shower Trim Kit available from a seller who bought it for a home improvement job that didn't end up happening. I put in a bid at $135+shipping and waited it out. Soon enough, it was ours in name and two days later was ours in hand!
Luck was on our side when just a few days later the Bancroft sink faucet popped up as a display item that was being sold for under $200, like new. The warning was it came without a part, but one that was available on Amazon for $11. I placed the minimum bid of $140+shipping and began to wait six days for the sale to close. The day after my entry, I was outbid. Rather than play the game, I waited patiently and held the iPad close until 1 minute until the end of the auction. I had to re-bid twice within 20 seconds because of someone else's automatic bid, but it was ours!
I can't say I use eBay all that much, my last purchase was a printer's drawer in 2012 for an advent calendar project I have yet to complete, but the excitement of winning my two bids this week could get one addicted quickly!

So let's check out where we're at with the purchases in this post:

Listed Prices on
Kohler Memoirs Stately Sink - $368
Kohler Archer 60x30 Tub - $621
Kohler Bancroft Sink Faucet - $329
Kohler Bancroft Bath and Shower Trim - $217
= $1,535

What We Paid:
Kohler Memoirs Stately Sink - $25
Kohler Archer 60x30 Tub - $585 + tax = $638
Kohler Bancroft Sink Faucet - $162 (includes shipping) + $11 part on Amazon
Kohler Bancroft Bath and Shower Trim - $151 (includes shipping)
Discover Cashback Bonus on Tub because of 5% cash back at Lowe's - ($29)
= $958

Oh yeah, we're on a roll now.

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