Saturday, July 26, 2014

Skipping Ahead

While we take a quick break from our bathroom re-do to wait for the plumber's visit, I thought I'd jump ahead with this post and pretend we are further along than we actually are.

What's that? Wondering why we have a plumber coming when we prided ourselves on doing the whole job ourselves? Well, as obvious as it seems now, but not something that occurred to us before, our new taller tub will have some impact on what's currently set up. The current setting for the tub spout jams into the top of the new tub, which means it and the handle will have to be moved up about 6 inches. And we aren't touching that one with a 10 foot copper pipe. Welding is not yet in our wheelhouse.
Anyways, back to the future: our bathroom cabinet plans. We spent a great deal of time looking for the perfect bathroom cabinet. If we would have found something two years ago we would have snatched it up and been getting use out of it, but until now nothing struck our fancy. I briefly considered us building what we wanted from scratch, but woodworkers we 'aint. 

The dead corner space of the bathroom is perfect for a tall, thin cabinet to hold towels, cleaning supplies and guest bathroom amenities. Until now, we relied on the storage within the sink vanity and a small end table shoved into place. Our move to a pedestal sink was going to lose us half of that storage, so we figured going vertical was the solution.

P.S. Recognize my DIY Tub Decor, made in this blog's infancy? Sad news: about a month ago our Chicago poster fell off the wall, shattering the tray. RIP, Tub Decor, RIP.
My "New Home Inspiration" Pinterest board began to fill up with tall, white cabinets like this one from West Elm:
Or this one from IKEA:
I also loved the idea of a vintage armoire filled to the brim with linens, like this:
And then my sister gave me a Crate and Barrel gift card for my birthday. . .one online search plus one store visit later and our decision was made.
The Banya White Bath Tower runs a tad skinnier than we were originally looking, but I think we'll be happier without something jutting up right next to the toilet or hitting too close to the sink edge. With two closed shelves on the bottom, our extra TP and cleaning supplies can be kept out of sight. Four open shelves add ample room for storage and display. Here it is in brown:
I was still on an eBay high from our fixture purchases at a major discount, so before we hit purchase we took a look at coupon offerings. We ended up paying $19 for a 15% off coupon, which would save us $60 off of the purchase price. I will take any savings I can get with this DIY experiment, especially since the tower unit ran a little higher than the $250 I initially budgeted for this piece of the puzzle.

The cabinet is in hand and ready for assembly. I almost opened up the box today, ready to tackle something I knew would have a clear finish today, unlike our ever-growing tub timeline. 

Although it is going to be awhile before the shelf styling step, that hasn't stopped us from picking out the items that will be on display. With gray floors, chrome fixtures and white everything else, we are relying on our accessories to lend some color to this joint.

First up, our not-so-new-anymore guest towels in cheery sunflower yellow. These were on our wedding registry and for some reason I've been waiting to use them until our bathroom got re-done. Perhaps I thought it was going to happen sooner than 2 years ago when I made that call? 
Speaking of yellow, I've been waiting for this yellow wire basket to go on sale at C&B. Perfect size to hold easy to grab cleaning supplies, and with a slatted door you will be able to see some hints of color popping out from the bottom shelf.
I travel quite a bit for work and grab the hotel soaps and the nicer shampoo/conditioner sets. I probably have more than we'll ever need built up, but we'll continue our trend of setting out a matching mini set of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion for when guests visit. I'd like to use the collection of soaps to create something like this to display:
That thinking got me searching for apothecary jars online. Crate and Barrel had a great set of three glass jars, but I ended up going with this acrylic set on I figure we might eventually have a little one using this bathroom, so limiting the amount of breakable items on display seemed like a good move. So, hotel soaps in the big one, Q-Tips in the small one and TBD in the middle one.
I'm picturing one of the shelves having pretty perfume and handsome cologne bottles on display, something like this:
Finally, all of my Amazon searches have pigeon-holed me as bathroom-obsessive as of late, so I wasn't surprised when tissue box covers popped up on my "You Might Also Like." This wasn't in the original plans, but it did seem like another way to add some color to the cabinet and, dare I say, a bit of whimsy. I really liked this Umbra Casa Tissue Cover, but reviews that shared its lightweight-ness scared me off.
Then I found the Paper Pot! You can use it for either toilet paper or facial tissue, and there were plenty of positive reviews. I sprung for the yellow one and waited for its arrival - cited for almost a month later from China.
I'm an Amazon Prime member, so waiting more than 2 days for anything I order now seems like a terrible inconvenience. Oh, how spoiled we've become. Luckily, the Paper Pot arrived in just under 2 weeks. And it arrived looking like this:
What you can't see is that the shipping sticker calls it "Bomb Shaped." I'm actually surprised it got to me in one piece, looking like it did and having the word BOMB stamped across the top. We loaded in a set of Kleenex and tested it out. Can't wait to find a place for it on the shelf!
We're torn as to what to put on the very top shelf. I loved one of the display photos that shows house plants on top, but with no natural light in the bathroom, I'm not sure how they'd fare. TBD, I suppose, and probably for the best. After all, it's going to be quite some time before we're ready to create the display - plenty of time to weigh our options!
What are you shelf stylin' as of late? 

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